Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Ecig - Review

If I can switch, anyone can! I smoked a pack a day for over thirty years. I hated the smell. I hated the taste. I hated the horrible way it affected my teeth, my hair, my skin, and my life. But what could I do? Well, It's been almost two months since I switched and I'm so glad I did. I don't even want the flavor of cigarettes anymore. What's my secret?
Electronic cigarettes from Green Smoke! They look like a cigarette. I smoke them like a cigarette. BUT, no more fire, no more ash, no more cigarette butts, no more stinky smoke, and no more dirty looks from people. Smoke Smooth Chocolate? Yes please! Smoke Vanilla Dreams? Yes please! Smoke Mocha Mist? Yes please! Green Smoke also offers three different tobacco flavors - Red, Gold, and Absolute - plus a Menthol Ice.
Green Smoke electronic cigarette flavors come from the cartomizer, which looks like a traditional cigarette butt, that is filled with flavoring and five different levels of nicotine (including zero nicotine, ultra light 0.6%, light 1.2%, full 1.8% (my personal choice), and strong 2.4%. The smoke is not smoke - it's really just vapor.
The cartomizer screws onto a rechargeable battery. The battery ever-so-slightly heats up the flavor in the cartomizer, creating the vapor as it is exhaled, mimicking the action and feeling of smoking (without smoking). The battery tip even lights up like a cigarette. It's the perfect alternative for me, but even better because of the flavor variety.
Another fabulous benefit is that Green Smoke electronic cigs are really great for indoor use and wherever traditional cigarettes are banned...restaurants, airports, stores, pretty much anywhere you want (but it's nice to ask first). Their kit even comes with a membership card you can carry that explains how ecigs work in the event someone asks you more about it.
The Green Smoke Pro Kit that arrived for me to try included: 1 Long Rechargeable Battery, 1 Short Rechargeable Battery, 2 Packs of FlavorMax, 1 USB Cigarette, 1 USB Charger, 1 High Powered Car Adapter, and 1 High Powered Home Adapter. Plus I got to sample all the different flavors to try to find a favorite. I thought I had it narrowed down to Mocha Mist, Vanilla Dreams and Tobacco Gold, but I also cannot resist the Smooth Chocolate.
The Pro Kit also came with a fabulous storage box that holds all my extras including the cartomizer packs and chargers. Green Smoke has gone even further with their products to make them even better than the cigarettes that were "cool" some 30 years ago. Their product line includes cases and batteries that would likely make Frank Sinatra and Madonna sing.
From gorgeous Sparkle Cases (offered nowhere else) and beautiful Leather Cases to battery sticks in traditional white or even pink (my favorite!), plus a whole collection of snazzy designer batteries, Green Smoke is cool NOW. The carry cases hold two batteries, two to three cartomizers, and the USB recharger so you've got everything you need at your fingertips.
Green Smoke batteries last longer than any others I have tried. Their cartomizers come in more flavors and produce more vapor volume. Green Smoke also offers several kits to choose from, including the Pro Kit, Express Kit, Ultimate Kit, Lovebird Kit and now their Holiday Pro Kit, which would be the perfect gift for yourself or for someone else who would love to switch to a pleasurable alternative!
Green Smoke has provided me with a more than adequate alternative so that I could still enjoy my smoking without so many of the negatives. Still not convinced? My husband and I BOTH switched to electronic cigarettes almost two months ago. We are happier, those around us are happier, our wallets are happier, and we smell much better too!
Green Smoke actually costs less than traditional smoking (one cartomizer = 30 cigarettes). They also have a free shipping offer, a 30 day money back guarantee, and a limited lifetime warranty. Their customer service rocks too! Click the link below to visit Green Smoke to see their extensive line and read more about electronic cigarettes, then make the decision to switch to Green Smoke and free yourself from the ash, smell and cigarette butts of traditional cigarettes.
Disclosure: I was provided products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Thank you for this giveaway.....this is a very important tool to prevent soo many health problems and DEATH!

  2. I'm going to try and win this for my son. He has tried so hard to quit smoking and I'd love to give him some help with something like this.

  3. so cool, I'd love to quit by Jan 8th. I am going on a cruise so wish me luck :)

  4. I need this-I want to be around to be there for my grandkids but I have no willpower!!

  5. They're good! LOTS of vapor which I love. Red Label and Absolute Tobacco are my favorites. Tobacco Gold OK. Mocha Mist is tasty. I don't care for the vanilla and chocolate flavors but if I had to choose I'd pick vanilla. Not bad. I don't like menthol, but if you are a menthol smoker you would love Menthol Ice. I even vape them on occasion!

  6. I've tried to quit so many times that I've lost count! Maybe this is exactly what I need!


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