Crazy in Love And Wanting to Show It

Have you ever been in love so much with someone that you’d be willing to do anything to show you care? Does the thought of making a grand, magnanimous gesture send shivers down your spine? Does it make you think about how your loved one will feel?

If the answer is yes to any of the three, chances are you’re in love. If you answer yes to all three, then you’re crazy in love with this person.

An old Stylistics song from the 1970s suggested a way to show you cared was to write your lover’s name across the sky. All right, maybe skywriting isn’t the way to go. Or maybe it is. If you are willing to show just how much you care about someone, the odds are you’re thinking of any way to show it.

There are numerous ways for someone to show just how much they care and display it in a way that no one will view you as a fool for trying. If there is one thing you can learn from love, it is that your significant other will think the world of you for anything that goes outside the box.

A creative way to show off your thoughts is to take your date to an intimate restaurant. Dinner by candlelight is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to building up intimacy and affection, but what if it were a restaurant with a strolling singer/musician that wrote songs based on current events or people? Someone may be willing to write a song or play a tune that shows off your lover’s romantic side. It may make your partner blush a bit or feel a bit embarrassed at first, but the grand gesture will pay off.

Gardeners out there could show their love in a colorful display. Find out what your lover’s likes are in terms of plants and vegetables, then build an entire garden in their honor. Spell your lover’s name in flowers, the more colorful the better. Vermont Wildflower Farm deals in flowers of all shapes and colors, and the prettier you make the flower collection the more impressed your partner will be. If you don’t want to spell your lover’s name in flowers, just say I love you. That will get them every time.

Be cognitive of what your partner’s likes and dislikes are when it comes to food. If three or four of the likes fall into the same category, make a meal that features everything. Your partner might like caprese salad, veal parmesan and tiramisu. Pair it with a cozy wine and you have instant romance Italian style.

You may want to take your date on a scavenger hunt. Leave little items or suggestions of where to go next. Drop little trinkets or rewards for him or her to collect. At the end of the road, be there in a secluded location and redeem everything for a night of intimacy, rated PG or R.

There are many ways to be simple when it comes to impressing a partner. Most of the time the women know what is coming. (Or the men, for those out there who love it when a woman does something off the wall.) Be smart. Be creative. The two, put together, result in a grand plan with a grand reward at the end.

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