Cook'n Christmas Giveaway Event

Do you know a family in need of assistance this Holiday season? Do you want to give back, be a Secret Santa, or just pay it forward, but don't have the means to? In this economy we all know someone who has either lost a job or fallen on hard times-maybe even your own family. I was delighted when Cook'n suggested this unique and generous GIVEaway.
Here is how it works:

STEP 1:You enter the giveaway via the form below
STEP 2: If you are the winner-Cook'n will gather info about the family you nominated
STEP 3: Cook'n will provide gifts for that family (up to $300!) Generous, Right!?

There have been Christmas times in the past where I've been in need and I always feel so good paying it forward now that times are better for me. Let's hope there comes a day where we are all doing well!

Thanks to Cook'n, our awesome sponsor, for setting up yet another timely and generous giveaway...but what exactly is Cook'n?
Cook'n Recipe Organizer is an easy to use program that makes recipe management and organizing a breeze on your computer. Not only is it a recipe organizer, it is also a menu planner, grocery shopping assistant, nutritional analyst, and a family cookbook maker! With over 3 million copies sold and a 200% guarantee you can't go wrong! You can see more about & purchase Cook'n HERE. Thanks to Give Oh Giveaway for organizing this giveaway and to the awesome bloggers that are bringing this giveaway to YOU!

If you want to help Cook'n play Santa for a family in need...follow these guidelines below:
*You must know ages, mailing address, and the needs of the family you nominate
*The nominated family MUST reside in the Continental United States
*To enter use the rafflecopter form below-be honest
*You may nominate your own family 

Cook'n has been very generous to offer this giveaway, it is not required and it won't increase your chances  but if you can, please go say thanks to them, I know they'd love to hear you like their giveaway! Go here and say thanks for the Holiday Helper Giveaway

This giveaway will end on Monday, 12/10 at 11:59 pm EST. The winner will be chosen by random.org and emailed by Give Oh Giveaway. The winner will have 24 hours to reply to the email or a new winner will be chosen. All entries will be verified, so please be honest. HUGE thanks to Cook'n for doing this giveaway! If you have questions regarding this giveaway email Cj~ giveohgiveaway at gmail dot com for clarification! 

Disclosure: I did not receive any monetary compensation for sharing this giveaway. I just think it is awesome and wanted to let you know about it. Cook'n is responsible for prize fulfillment! 


  1. I would just like to pay it forward to a family that has been hit hard by the recent hurricane.

  2. My brother and his family were hit by SANDY in New York City. My brother and his wife have a 2 year old girl, and a 12 year old son. They are not working right now due to the economy but my brother still volunteers to teach basketball and other sports in their local community (before SANDY) so they could really use anything!! Thanks to you all for sponsoring this!! simmsmba@gmail.com

  3. I would like to nominate me and my husband we have been married almost 10 years . We struggle everyday we are both disabled he has m.s. and I am legally blind . We haven't been able to get each other nothing for Christmas since we been together much less buy stuff we need . I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this chance to enter such a nice giveaway. God bless you all and merry christmas

  4. The family I nominate is my cousin's family. She and her husband have four children of their own, and have always struggled to make ends meet. Last year they added three more children to the family - their niece and nephews, whose mother lost custody due to a drug problem. They are keeping their heads above water, but barely. My family tries to help when they can, but every little bit matters.

  5. This would be for my sister & her family. There are 3 kids & 2 adults. They are a single income military family & have 2 kids with special needs, diets, & allergies. They would really benefit from this!

  6. I would like to nominate my own large extended family. There are a lot of kids who aren't getting Christmas this year because of the bad ecomony. I would love to see the young kids smile big Christmas day.

  7. I would choose one of the many families with children in our tribe that are struggling right now. Every child should have a happy holiday.

  8. I would like to nominate my husband and my two boys. Last year my husband of 12 years was diagnosed with cancer. He had to have surgery twice, last April and again this past February. He has been on 3 different medications to try and stop the tumors he still has from growing. We found out this past Monday that the medicine hasn't worked and the cancer has now grown out of control, so it is only a matter of time before we lose him. Our boys are 8 and 3, and it has been hard for both of them to understand, but mainly our 8 year old. He DOES understand death, but doesn't understand why his daddy has cancer and isn't getting better. My husband has also been our sole provider and now he can no longer work.

  9. A wonderful family with 4 small children. They are on one income right now and the dad is just starting his own business so there is no extra money for Christmas this year. They didn't even get a tree.

  10. It is a family of 3, father lost job and hey are having a hard time buying groceries and paying rent. Presents would be great to help them out

  11. I am nominating a family of nine. Seven kids and two adults. The mom is such an amazing person and such an inspiration to so many.

  12. Nikki Lynn Hanna12/10/12, 7:18 PM

    I would love to nominate my grandparents. My grandmother is a shut in because in January of 2008, she fell while at the Drs office and broke her hip and foot. She has also developed something called drop foot syndrome, causing her right foot to turn into itself. She recently had surgery to try to correct her foot or they will have to amputate it. Because of this surgery, she is forced to sit in a remote control powered chair and can't stand up at all, so she has to have somebody help do everything.My grandfather is a hard working man and has been all his life. He is 82 and is still working to this day, doing air conditioning work, although it's very hard for him to get the money he is owed. My grandfather is a very nice person and people take advantage of that when they get work done and won't pay him. Because of my grandmother's recent surgery and they numerous amount of medicine she is on, they are very much in debt. Both have always been there for others with an exuberant amount of generosity. I would love for them to see a nice Christmas where they get something nice and not have to worry about getting others in our family and wondering where the next meal is going to be from or how they are gonna pay bills.


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