Superior Farms Pet Provisions Dog Treats - Review

Buddy was more than happy to help me review the all natural Superior Farms Pet Provisions Dog Treats. These Lamb Waffles are made from 100% lamb, and are grain-free and gluten-free. Buddy is happy about that since he's trying not to top 100 pounds. Made right here in the USA, Superior Farms Dog Treats are sourced from USDA facilities in the US and New Zealand.
As soon as Buddy heard the rustling of the package of Lamb Waffles, he knew he was in for something special. It's a big 10 ounce package, with a zipper-top closure to keep them fresh.
 "Whatcha got, Mama? Can I have one? Can I? Can I? Look, I'm sitting pretty!"
 "Hey Mama, that treat smells really great! Do you have to take my picture?"
 "Oh, Mama, those are so delicious! Wow, can I have more? Please? Please?"
 "Look, Mama, look! I'm sitting pretty again! I'm sitting pretty again! One more?"
"Aw, can you see the love in my eyes, Mama?"

Visit www.superiorfarmspet.com for treats for your dog or cat.
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Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for this review.

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