Recipe: Chocolate-Covered Pork Rinds

Sunday Confession: I've never eaten a Pork Rind.
Monday Confession: I love Pork Rinds!
I find it hard to believe that no one ever tried to talk me into eating a Rudolph's Pork Rind. It's crunchy and light, plus it's salty and tastes like bacon. Now for the big surprise: Pork Rinds are a healthy snack!
One serving of Pork Rinds has nine grams of protein; that's higher than peanuts. One serving of Pork Rinds has ZERO carbohydrates; that's perfect for my high-protein diet (and if you're diabetic their glycemic response is zero). Pork rinds also has zero grams of trans fat (less than peanuts), only 2g of saturated fat, 0.5g polyunsaturated fat, and 2.5g monounsaturated fat.

Chocolate-Covered Pork Rinds
Since they are such a healthy snack, I decided to make Chocolate-Covered Pork Rinds from the recipe on their website. After all, if you've ever eaten chocolate-covered bacon, you can imagine how delicious a chocolate-covered Pork Rind will be!
It seems like such a simple recipe, so I braved the Thanksgiving shopper nightmare at the grocery store to pick up some chocolate chips. Once I arrived home again, I realized I didn't have a double-boiler to melt the chocolate chips.
There was no way I was going back out in all that traffic, so I grabbed two of my stock pots of different sizes and created my own. I filled up the larger pot with water and set it on the stove to boil.
Then I set the smaller pot inside the larger pot (make sure you don't overfill the larger pot because you don't want boiling water to overflow -- no, I didn't make that mistake; surprised?). I turned the heat down to simmer too.
I poured the chocolate chips into the smaller pot and began to stir. Few things smell better than melting chocolate! Amazingly, my teenage boys appeared in the kitchen.
I stirred and stirred until the chocolate was a creamy, dreamy mess. I placed a piece of wax paper onto a cookie sheet so I'd have a place to set the dipped Pork Rinds.
Then I took each Pork Rind with a pair of tongs, one by one, dipped them in the chocolate, rolling them around a bit, shaking off the excess chocolate and placed them on the wax paper to cool.
After they cooled for about an hour, I tasted one, okay, two, well, maybe five. They are absolutely amazing! I'm guessing the fat content might be a bit higher, but I'll do a few extra push-ups today.
If you are looking for a creative holiday treat, this is it! You could even dress them up by sprinkling some white mini-chocolate chips on top after you dip them. You could also roll them in coconut. Find more creative Pork Rind recipes at http://www.rudolphfoods.com. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too.
Disclosure: I received these products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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