Quit Smoking with NICOmate Ecigs - Review

YES! You CAN quit smoking using electronic cigarettes! I did! I smoked most of my adult life and even started at age 12. Everyone in my family smoked my entire life, so it's no wonder I did too. Quitting smoking is one of the most important things you can do for your health. It's also one of the hardest things you will ever try to do. Honestly, I hated the taste of cigarettes, but I loved the ACT of smoking. When I was younger, it made me feel "cool" and "grown-up" but as soon as I got pregnant with my first child, I was able to quit cold-turkey. It was 9 years before I stupidly picked one up to smoke when I was out drinking at a bar and it's been a roller-coaster of stopping and starting since then. I discovered electronic cigarettes and learned they are SAFE to use, especially when compared to all the years I've put poisons in my body with regular smokes. I've been using ecigs for a month and I can proudly say I no longer want a cigarette.
NICOmate premium electronic cigarettes can help you quit smoking. You simply replace your regular cigarettes with ecigs. Your body will still get the nicotine it craves, you will still get to enjoy the act of smoking, and you will get to enjoy a wider, tastier range of "smoking" flavors. You WON'T stink, you won't be causing second-hand smoke, you won't be polluting your own lungs, and you won't stain your teeth. That's because NO smoke is produced; instead the cartomizer (the part that looks like the filter) creates a harmless vapor. They produce no carcinogens and no carbon monoxide. Even if you never smoked in your home, you can use ecigs in the house! No more standing outside in the searing summer heat or the freezing winter cold! NICOmate offers cartomizers in the following flavors: tobacco, menthol, mint, apple, vanilla and strawberry.
The battery (the part that looks like the tobacco paper) is rechargeable. The NICOmate starter kit comes with all the following: 1 standard high capacity lithium ion rechargeable ecigarette battery (200 mAh), 1 extended life high capacity battery (280 mAh), 1 USB E-Cigarette Charger, 1 E-Cigarette Wall Charger, 10 disposable nicotine cartomizers (tobacco flavor) - equivalent to 10 packs of cigarettes and 300 puffs, Instruction manual + E-cig Lifetime Warranty Card, and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. I like that NICOmate comes with two different ways to charge the batteries, either via a wall plug or via my computer.
You can even try NICOmate with their FREE TRIAL OFFER. So, what do I think of NICOmate? I've tried three different ecig brands since I quit smoking a month ago and NICOmate is great. I especially love the strawberry flavor! By the way, one of the worries of people who consider quitting is the possible resulting weight gain. I've lost 14 pounds in 25 days (not attributed to my ecig use of course but the flavors DO satisfy my sweet tooth). Do yourself and your family a favor and check out http://www.nicomate.com. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, then enter below to win a complete NICOmate Starter Kit, a value of $80!
Disclosure: I received these products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Id love to try this am a really heavy smoker been smoking since I was 11 years old ,Im now 42 !!
    Looks like a fab bit of kit too thanks for give-away

  2. Sandy VanHoey11/11/12, 3:20 PM

    I love e-cigarettes...smoked forever and now in 50's and had these for past 3-4 yrs. Not this brand but had the e-cigs. I quit for 3 months (no e-cig) then got these as a gift. You may like them. I do not crave a real one at all

  3. This would be a great gift for myself or my wife or my sweetie granny neighbor--We have all tried it is impossible when you become addicted to the nictotin-- the stick is enough to kill you

  4. Thanks for trying to help anyone who has entered this giveaway

  5. Thank you so much for the chance. I loss my Randy after 20yrs last Saturday to a massive heart attack. He didn't smoke,but me with COPD,nothing would make him happier if i would,Its harder now more than ever. I feel numb and cry all the time,the cigs get soaked and its going to cost me more than it worth.I know he is looking down on me praying this happens an soon.Does me good to go to bed cause one of my rules is no smoking in bed room. Good luck to all who enter and lets all quit no matter who wins..that way we are all winners.. :)


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