Preschool Art - Colorblend Coffee Filters

Materials needed: One clean coffee filter per child, washable markers of assorted colors, one black permanent marker, spray bottle of water, one art tray per child.
Write each child's name or initial in the middle of their coffee filter. Place filter on art tray. Allow the child to color all over the coffee filter with a variety of washable markers.
Allow (or help) each child spray water on the coffee filter until the colors begin to run together and blend. 
Set trays aside until coffee filters are completely dry and each child has a beautifully blended coffee filter. Hang them in the windows for a pretty decoration!
To customize for spring or summer, cut filters into flower shapes after drying. For fall, cut into leaf shapes. For winter, cut into snowflake shapes.

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  1. I'm doing this with my Granddaughter tomorrow!! I love those!!


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