MCS3 - The Most Complete Student Success System - Review

MCS3 is the Most Complete Student Success System, created to help students get better grades. Three different programs reach students in middle school, high school, and college. MCS3 was created with some of the nation's best educators from University of Chicago, Stanford University, Boston University, Duke University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This Christmas you can give your student the edge that will help them succeed in school and in life!
My son is almost 18 years old and is a senior in high school. I asked him to review the College Edition of MCS3 and here is his synopsis:

By Ryan DeElena:
"The Most Complete Student Success System has insightful ideas tailored towards the student, which allows for the student himself to set standards for achievement. Not only does the text identify how students generally stray from the reality of their goals, it also gives them a step-by-step method for allocating time and effort into their desires, putting them back on track. The system is full of motivational quotes from historical figures as well as daily procedures for the student to adapt.

Something early in the text caught my attention; page 30 has three prompts pertaining to long-term goals, one of which says, "Are any of my goals conflicting? Will pursuing one goal prevent or hinder me from achieving another goal?" As early as that is said in the text, it carries a powerful message, and can be applied to a number of unique scenarios. Many students may have a goal that interferes with another, which can cause confusion among other things. The text has a very intuitive response: "In case of a conflict, you should keep the goal more important to you and eliminate the other one."

From pages 76 to 78, another useful list is supplied, but rather than questions, solid commands are given, pushing the student further than simply questioning the logic. This list of 17 time management tips has several processes I've never thought of before, such as "Bite the bullet" (concentrate on the largest task first), "Zoom out before zooming in" (look at the big picture before splitting into discrete steps), and "Weekly reviews" (go over the completed tasks and reward yourself). These alongside other time management skills would be quite beneficial to any student with multiple tasks on-hand.

Ultimately, the system can provide a life-changing experience if utilized properly. The best advice to any user of this system would be to follow it through, read a new chapter every day, and use components from previous chapters to gain perspective on future chapters. Overall, this system is promising, and after only a few chapters I have seen some tremendous improvements. I can hardly wait to finish reading it!"

MCS3 has been shown to help students raise their grade point average by 1.7 points over 12 months and has won three awards from distinguished parental review organizations: Parent Tested Parent Approved™, Mom’s Choice Award®, and Mom’s Best Award.
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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