Magna Color 3D Art Board - Review

Creative toys have taken on a whole new look with Magna Color 3D Art Board. This perfectly portable art center comes with a magnetic board, four full-color stencils, four magnetic dot pens, and a pair of 3D glasses. Designed by Tech4Kids for ages over 4 years old, Magna Color takes coloring to a whole new dimension.
Each dot pen holds the little magnetic dots. As the dot pen is pressed against the magnetic board, a single dot is released from the pen. The dot pens contains green, red, orange and yellow magnetic dots and each is a different size.
The different sizes allow for a gentle shake of the Magna Color to automatically sort them into the back of the board and down into the dot pens that snap into the back of the board. The frame on the front of the art board lifts up to slide in one of the four included stencils.
As children place the dots on the corresponding circles on the stencil, they create a three-dimensional picture and the extra joy of using the 3D glasses makes their pictures seem to pop up off the page. Using the stencils is a great way for children to start creating, but freestyle artistry on the board without a stencil is just as fun.
I thought it might be a bit too complicated for my four year old preschooler, but she picked up the use of the pens right away. Within minutes she was totally immersed in her art. When she was done with her picture, I showed her how to sweep all the dots up into the sorter compartment in the back of the art board. She loves it and so did the other children.
She was just as fascinated with the sorting process in the back of the board. Magna Color is a wonderful new creative toy and my preschoolers have used it over and over again. When it's time to put it away, we store the 3D glasses and the stencils in the front of the board under the frame lid.
Magna Color 3D Art Board is a fabulous idea for a holiday gift for children. It's such a new and unique idea and I love that it can be taken along in the car to keep kids entertained while waiting at restaurants, doctor's offices, or just about anywhere else. You can find Magna Color at Toys R Us, Walmart, Kohl's, or order online from Amazon!
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
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 A small quantity of product shipped this past summer included malfunctioning pens.  As a company dedicated to high quality product, Tech 4 Kids, the manufacturers of Magna Color, would like anyone with malfunctioning pens to contact them at the following email: toys@tech4kids.com for a set of free replacement pens and dots.

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