Magic Cabin Ruben's Barn Dolls - Review

Magic Cabin just released these sweet, playful friends that your child is going to love. Ruben's Barn Dolls are soft and huggable with hair that feels like silk. With their outstretched arms and glowing faces, these dolls beckon children to hold them. The faces are embroidered onto their velvety fleece faces and each friend has its own darling expression.
Magic Cabin has a huge selection of Ruben's Barn Dolls so it's likely you can find one that reflects your child's hair and skin color. From baby dolls and kids dolls to costumed dolls and ballerina dolls, you're sure to find one your child loves. They all have darling sparkling eyes and there is even a superhero boy doll available.
Their perfectly plump little bottoms allow them to sit and are weighted just enough that they don't tip over. This makes them wonderful play companions because they can sit right next to your child just like a friend. My preschoolers were so excited to show Tim and Cicci around our classroom!
My little ones showed the dolls our wooden barn and learned that "barn" means "children" in Swedish. These two dolls are from the Kids Collection and measure just over 14" tall. Our new Ruben's Barn Dolls ate lunch in our home center, accompanied the kids to the computer center, and even played at the block table together.
When it was naptime, my preschoolers tucked Tim and Cicci under a blanket on one of the cots. Safe for ages two and up, their sweet little faces got lots of kisses today and all my children absolutely adore them. We've been talking about our "full names" lately, so when they asked me what the dolls last names were, I told them Ruben.
Surprise your little ones with Ruben's Barn Dolls from Magic Cabin this Christmas! Shop from home at www.magiccabin.com for these and many more fabulous childhood treasures. All their products are wonderful and their customer service is always excellent. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to be first to hear about new products and special promotions.
Disclosure: I received these products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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