K'NEX Tinkertoy Transit Building Set - Review

When this package arrived my preschoolers literally screamed with delight. Tinkertoys are just as popular now as they were 35 years ago when I played with them. K'NEX has given our old Tinkertoy products a fabulous makeover and now all the pieces are made of lightweight plastic. No more splinters, no more snapped sticks, and no more faded colors. These kids dug right in and started building.
The K'NEX Tinkertoy Transit Building Set is a huge set of 150 different pieces that can be constructed to make the 15 easy-to-assemble ideas included on the builder's "blueprints." The creativity never stops there though, as a child with imagination can build thousands more creations with these open-ended, durable toys.
Designed for ages 3 and up, there are a few small pieces, so toddlers should be closely supervised when building with their older siblings and friends. There are even role play figures included to extend a child's imagination even further. After all, why build a car if there's no one to drive it!
Since the pieces snap together, they stay together and last throughout the play session until the child decides to take them apart, which takes very little effort at clean up time. It comes in its own colorful storage box with a snap-on lid and all K'NEX Tinkertoy sets are compatible so your child can add on to their collection with every holiday!
Buy this and more great construction toys at knex.com. As an early childhood educator, I give K'NEX Tinkertoy Sets my stamp of approval! Pick some up for Christmas! You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for more great ideas to entertain and educate your kids.
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. These were all wood in my day. My favorite toy of all time and I'm sure some part of my little brain was stimulated, because I could play with tinker toys forever. I had them for my kids and now for my grandkids. I don't even mind a little play myself when no ones looking!