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It started with the portable DVD player. A (compared to newer technology) heavy, clunky thing that was better than nothing and certainly easier to deal with than actually traveling with a regular television. Then, slowly and sneakily, streaming media became a regular part of our everyday lives. What began as a desktop-dependent application has long since gone portable. Thanks to streaming media and the plethora of devices on which you can watch it, now you can watch The Vampire Diaries TV Show, and other popular shows wherever you are.

The most recent news surrounding portable television technology comes from the world of Apple. Most people are already familiar with the idea of streaming media and television shows through their smart phones. In fact, the expansion of the iPhone screen with the iPhone 5 makes this a far more pleasurable experience than it used to be.

They didn’t stop there. Shortly after announcing the iPhone 5, Apple announced that there are going to be new iPads out for the holiday season. The iPad 3 has been announced. The real news, however, surrounds the iPad mini—a bridge for people who want more screen and functionality than their iPhones but find the iPad bulky or difficult to deal with. The iPad mini promises a better media viewing experience than any of the other devices currently offered by the company.

It could be argued that the iPad mini is Apple’s answer to the Amazon Kindle Fire. A couple of months ago, Amazon announced that it was updating the Kindle Fire to include HD video capability—a function that caters solely to people who are using their Kindles to watch television shows and movies.

At the same time, there are a plethora of new Windows based tablets and portable computing devices coming down the line. The most notable is the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga. If you’ve seen any of the Windows 8 commercials, this is the computer that has a keyboard, a screen and the hinges that hold them together allow the screen to be flipped around to rest back to back with the keyboard, creating a touch screen tablet.

It’s the hybrid tablet/laptop computer everybody’s been longing for since the iPad came out a few years ago and proved that touch screen keyboards are not everybody’s friends. Imagine the shared functionality of the streaming media services (easier to search through your laptop but easier to view on a tablet) on this baby!

Belkin, on the other hand is doing its best to conquer the world of live television streaming. It has announced the @TV, a device that will take whatever is available live to the home television set or is saved on a DVR and sends it via wireless networking to a cloud server. The user can then utilize any mobile device that can access the cloud to watch the shows. Talk about never missing a moment!

So really, with all of these different (and mostly affordable) ways to take your favorite television shows with you, why are you still sitting at home?

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