Children's Book: The Labyrinth by Thomas and Peter Weck - Review

Since I work with preschoolers every day, I am constantly seeing signs of jealously between them. They compete for toys, for my attention, for turns on the slide, and just about everything else. They are jealous of each other's shoes, ideas, songs, drawings, and even sleeping cot locations at naptime. A big part of my job is teaching them kindness, problem solving, and forgiveness. The Labyrinth is a wonderfully written children's picture book that teaches these same qualities.
Mean ol' Bean has a jealousy problem and wants to be king and ruler of Beandom. He leads Belinda the Queen into the magic labyrinth, hoping she cannot escape. Through clever problem solving, courage and friendship, the delightful characters work together. The conclusion of forgiveness ties the story together beautifully. My preschoolers love the story and the little chant that repeats throughout the book. Len DiSalvo's illustrations are captivating too!
You can purchase The Labyrinth by Thomas Weck and Peter Weck at the link below!
Disclosure: I received this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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