WideNeck Diet Day 16 - Menu and Musings

Okay, back on track on Day 16, total of 11 pounds lost. 
Focus, focus, focus...

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs with salsa and cheese, 1 slice bacon.
Eggs and Bacon
Lunch - Salad with iceberg lettuce, spinach, romaine lettuce, crabmeat, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, and calorie-free ranch dressing.
Crab Salad
Dinner - Since we were out late, and starving, we ate at Golden Corral Restaurant. I'm so proud of myself that I stuck to meat and veggies. I passed up tons of potatoes, breads, even dessert!

Drinks - Coffee, water, sugarfree lemonade.

Exercise - Stress. That was enough for yesterday!

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  1. Way to go Lisa! I will confess I'm a carb-a-holic! I really need to start back on my weight loss effort. Thanks for the gentle push.


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