WideNeck Diet Day 14 - Menu and Musings

Following the day of the Austin food tour, I gained 2 pounds. I'm not surprised given all the food we ate, but I will make sure it comes back off quickly! So, day 14 is nine pounds down.

Breakfast - Slept in too late Sunday morning for breakfast, almost late for church, so breakfast was a cup of coffee at church.

Lunch - We ended up eating lunch early since we were hungry. Lunch was what my mom always called Mustgo. You know, everything in the fridge "must go." It's sort of a vegetable slop soup, I guess. It was pretty good, but since we ate early I was starving by 5pm.
Dinner - Hamburgers pan-cooked in worcestershire sauce, with sauteed mushrooms. Cooked broccoli and cauliflower on the side, with a slice of cheddar melted over the top. Plus two slices of cold tomato. Delicious and filling. I was no longer crabby from being hungry. Thank goodness!
Mushroom Burgers and Cheesy Veggies
Drinks - Coffee, water.

Exercise - 30 minute brisk walk after dinner with my man and my doggy.

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