BELLA Dots Coffee Maker Review

This fall, you can bring fashion out of your closet and dress up your kitchen! The BELLA Dots Collection is a fabulous new line of small appliances, including coffee makers, two-slice toasters, and slow cookers. I absolutely love the rainbow of glossy colors available: red, pink, blue, purple, grey, orange, green and pearl white.
Since function is always just as important as fashion, I received the pink 12-cup coffee maker so I could test it for you. The enclosed style warming plate is a great feature because it helps discourage curious little hands from exploring. Another awesome feature is the permanent coffee filter with a handle for lifting. All I do is dump it and rinse it, plus I never have to buy filters again. Even a coffee scoop is included.
The temperature of the warming plate is probably the best I've ever experienced - the coffee stays hot, but not scalding. I really love the design and the performance of the BELLA Dots coffee maker; I definitely recommend this product.
BELLA Dots are available exclusively at Target stores and Target.com. Not all the colors will be available in the stores, but all are available online. You can redefine 'counter culture' with the BELLA Dots Collection, proclaiming this is not your mother's kitchen!
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Love it! I'll have to check them out. I love the color selections!

  2. I love all of Bella Dots Small appliances, plan on buying the whole collection! : )

  3. Ewwww, The pink appliances look red and not bright fuchsia as shown in advertising. Very disappointed and will be getting a refund.

  4. The color of the coffeemaker is perfect. I have been looking for limegreen kitchen appliances and Hagee found them. However, the product does not have a 2 hour shut off and I am notorious for leaving it on when I leave for work. Is this a factory defect, I ask. I have to wonder. Note to self, I should read reviews in the future before buying. Very disappointed. Same disappointing reviews for the toaster which is out of stock. Should I buy for the color or functionality?

  5. The packaging is somewhat deceptive. What happens every two hours is the warming cycle begins again-it's a nice feature, as it means coffee isn't burning, but this item has NO auto shut off feature. If it did, it would be perfect.

  6. This review is not entirely accurate. It states that this item is sole "exclusively" at Target (or online). WalMart and WalMart.com carries this and other DOTS items in the same colors as does KOHLS. These are fairly easy to find online and price difference is only a couple to a few dollars. Shipping costs have not been compared by this writer.

    1. At the time of this post, it was available exclusively. Now, it's available many other places too. Thanks for your post!