Time for a Vehicle Makeover

Our old Dodge Dakota has definitely seen better days. Sitting in the Texas heat for years has peeled the paint from the top of the cab and the hood. There is a big scratch down the driver's side where a neighborhood brat keyed the truck. The inside is even worse, especially since our kids have been driving the truck recently and their first inclination is to not clean anything. Oh, and there is also the big glob of mascara that my daughter dropped on the seat while she was applying makeup when my son was taking her to work. She rubbed it in really good so now there's a big smeary stain. I'm definitely considering getting some truck seat covers to hide the truck's abusive past.
GreatCovers.com has a huge selection of seat covers for all makes and models of trucks and cars. They even have leather seat covers, but since our son will probably use the truck for his senior year of high school, I'm thinking maybe the Waterproof Endura for the protection factor or the Neoprene which is made for a more active lifestyle. Between my son's school, outdoor based job, and the skateboarding park, I'm sure the truck seats see more dirt and sweat than it can handle. Maybe after he goes off to college next fall and the truck becomes ours again, we'll invest in some nice leather seat covers or their luxurious Microfiber covers. Perhaps we will even paint the truck next year!


  1. Dakota's are notorious for the paint issue. My husband had a 93 Dodge Dakota and the paint on it was terrible! And that was w/o teenagers! LOL

  2. we just sold our 1999 dodge dakota in early May. It was Kentucky Wildcat Blue. Great truck just didn't need 3 vehicles.

  3. plead with the powers that be for a giveaway of great looking seat covers. I would love the opportunity for testing them out.


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