Rubbermaid LunchBlox Sandwich Kit - Review

For almost 80 years, Rubbermaid has created products that make our lives easier. I love their new LunchBlox Sandwich Kit! My kids always complained about smashed sandwiches, crushed chips, and soggy fruits. The LunchBlox is designed to solve all those problems at once.
This nine piece set comes with a sandwich box with lid, a medium side box with lid, two small side boxes with lids, and a Blue Ice pack to keep foods chilled. The pieces are even designed to snap together! This keeps food upright and saves food from unfortunate accidents.
The Blue Ice pack snaps onto the bottom or the middle, so depending on what foods are packed, you can choose where to put it. All the lids fit securely and the food stays fresh until lunchtime. I love the Rubbermaid organization products!
The containers are microwave safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe. The containers are also BPA-free, so no worries there either. The container portions are perfectly sized for the most common lunch foods, including a wide range of basic and specialty breads.
You can feel good knowing your child is eating healthy foods that you chose to pack. Your child will feed good knowing their foods won't resemble a small tornado at the lunch table. I packed a turkey and cheese on wheat, apple slices, pomegranate chips, and pickles, covering all the suggested food groups. My food stayed fresh and organized all morning long and was delicious after five hours in my lunchbag. What will you pack in your LunchBlox?
Check out the full line of LunchBlox products HERE. You can visit the Rubbermaid Adventures in Organization Blog, and follow Rubbermaid on Facebook and Twitter.
Disclosure: I received these Rubbermaid products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.


  1. This is such a great product!

  2. I personally love using container for packing a lunch. Not only to do my part to be green. But because who like a squished sandwich a lunch time...


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