The Missing Alphabet: A Parents' Guide to Developing Creative Thinking in Kids - Review

Today's world is very different for young children. Now that the whole world is connected and digitized, there is a real danger that children will become passive thinkers. As an early childhood educator, I see a real need for children to have true opportunities to develop creative thinking skills so they can succeed and excel in the future. Thanks to Susan Marcus, Susie Monday, and Cynthia Herbert, there is a wonderful new parents' resource on hundreds of ways to provide children these opportunities. The Missing Alphabet: A Parents' Guide to Developing Creative Thinking in Kids introduces the Sensory Alphabet, a foundation based upon line, color, texture, sound, movement, rhythm, space, light and shape.
All children are creative and this book helps parents guide their children into creative problem-solving and innovation. Children will learn the Sensory Alphabet and be able to apply the concepts to real life, helping them gain self-confidence and become the 21st century thinkers that will lead us into the future. I absolutely love the huge array of activities that the authors provide in this book! It's a wonderful way for parents to be more involved with their children in quality educational ways that are simply fun. It is a fabulous resource!
Disclosure: I received this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
You can pre-order this book at the link below and be one of the first parents to start helping your children build a creative thinking foundation that will last a lifetime!

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  1. Thanks so much for reviewing our book. It's out now and available both on Amazon and B&N as both softcover and ebook. We appreciate your review and hope you continue to enjoy the book.


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