Smart Strip Surge Protector - Review

Your electronics drain electricity even when you're not using them. When you take your cell phone off the charger for the day and leave the charger plugged in, your electricity and your money are draining away. Bits Limited has the solution! Their new Smart Strip Surge Protector is rated by environmental groups, universities and utility companies as one of the top five ways to save energy and help the environment.
The Smart Strip works by unplugging devices attached to your computer or television when they are not being used. You can also use it in your workshop or a busy kitchen to make shutdown and start-up of multiple devices fast, easy and complete. The blue outlet is for the control device, like a computer or television.
The red section of the power strip is for things you don't want to turn off, like a fax machine, a DVR cable box, or your satellite receiver. The green section is the part that helps you BE green and SAVE green! Here, you plug in the devices you want to save energy and money on, such as your printer, your monitor, your DVD, your game console, or your home theater. These three light bulbs help demonstrate how the blue and red sections stay on with power running, while the green section is off. This particular model is the SCG3E. Bits Limited also has several other options of surge protectors including a child safe one!
I've been using this power strip in my office area and it's been working fantastic for me. My computer is my control device, with my clock and landline phone in the red section. The green section is powering (when needed) my digital camera charger, my printer, and my dvd player. Check out all their fabulous products at http://www.bitsltd.net/ and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more money-saving ideas and tips!
Disclosure: I received these products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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