Lose Weight with a Dog

Trying to start a work-out routine but lacking the motivation? How about a free site called DogVacay that will literally pay you to take in a dog for the weekend? Research shows that dog owners are significantly more active than those who don’t have dogs: they spend at least 30 more minutes exercising per week and scientists have found dogs to be superior walking partners to humans as they can’t complain or talk you out of exercising.

But what if you can't afford a full-time pet or don’t have the time for one? Better than going to the gym, you can take your weekend puppy on walks, hikes, jogs, and maybe even mingle at the dog park. If you already have a dog, it's a fun way to socialize him and make a few extra dollars on the side.

The site is simple: you post a photo of yourself, your place, your nightly rate, and a few sentences about why you're a great candidate to watch dogs in your neighborhood. Then, dog owners nearby who need a home for their pup while they're out of town can search for free through all the nearby hosts and find the perfect match for their dog. It's cheaper than the kennel, and dog owners feel good knowing their pet is in a real, loving home. The focus of DogVacay is on dog boarding, but people can also sign up to be dog walkers exclusively.

DogVacay was started less than a year ago by an adorable young couple who took a big hit during the recession, and then boarded over 100 dogs in their home as a way to help pay for their wedding. Aaron and Karine are expecting their first child in August and Karine plans to get the most out of her dogs Rocky and Rambo to take off the baby weight!

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