Installing Paving Stones

Homeowners can certainly benefit from the quality of work offered by System Pavers. The company works very efficiently and will have the job completed within days, not weeks. The entire process is comprised of four steps; prepare, layer, fit and finish. In order to install paving stones, the ground must be cleared, graded and compacted. Some homes have existing concrete, sod or rocky topsoil that must come out before installing the pavers. After excavating the area, the ground is compacted. Then the base material, a crushed stone, is spread evenly over the area and that is layered with screed sand. Each layer is compacted before the pavers are installed.

Next is the stone artistry at work. This is where System Pavers precisely cuts and places the stones in contoured designs that custom fit the layout of the paved area. System Pavers enhances the quality of their installation with the use of a bond beam that locks the pavers together once in position over the area. Before the job is complete, the pavers are compacted with a plate vibrator that evens out any uneven pavers and settles them into the sand layer below. The pavers are then coated and swept with sand, compacted again and then washed to reveal the finished results. This company’s work and attention to detail for the longevity of their work offers the peace of mind homeowners are looking for in knowing their investment will last and they will have a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy for many years to come.


  1. The plate vibrator is a great idea.

  2. I'm going to have to check out this company. I attempted to lay some paving stones a couple years ago and try as hard as I did, some of the pavers were not level. Thanks for the tip.


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