What Women Want Men to Wear

According to Esquire magazine, over 50% of women prefer a men's suit to have three buttons over two buttons. How's that for particular? His tie should be plain colored, with texture, according to 71% of their readers, so it may be time to ditch those old double-breasted suits and big stripe ties!
Personally, I think every man should own at least one custom suit. When the suit is made for the man, it makes a huge difference. Off-the-rack suits can be nice, but when a man wants to make a real statement, custom made suits are the way to go. New York's premier custom suit maker is LS Men's Clothing and they've recently been voted by CBS as one of the five best tailors in New York! They've been making tailored suits since 1954, using old-world techniques combined with contemporary styling. They offer suits, sport coats, pants, dress shirts and tuxedos, all made in America by expert tailors.
Wool is usually the best choice for a suit, even year-round because it's a breathable fabric. There are actually two kinds of wool, worsted and woollen. Worsted wool is more popular and is the fabric in most of the finer suits. Woollen wool is a fabric where the fibers are not combined before spinning. Linen suits are popular in America during the summer months because of their lightweight properties. In the winter months, tweed and flannel are a good way to keep warm in the colder climates. A custom suit can be created from any of these fabrics by the tailors at LS Men's Clothing and Custom Suits.

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