Book Review: Probiotics for Dummies by Dr. Shekhar K. Challa

Two years ago I had never even heard the word "probiotics." It sounds like some kind of robot terminology. Now I know that it's about the digestive system and a big part of overall health. Probiotics for Dummies by Dr. Shekhar K. Challa is a very informative guide to learning more about it. Probiotics can actually help fight many ailments and diseases. Learning how to balance probiotics and nutrition can help with allergies, infections and more. Did you know that probiotics can even mean fewer tooth cavities? There are some really good recipes in the book that can help you incorporate probiotics into your daily lifestyle. The chapter that most intrigued me was the one about children's health and how probiotics can help in the areas of autism, asthma and obesity in children. It's not an exciting, gripping thriller, but definitely worth the read for the information. You can purchase Probiotics for Dummies at the link below.
Disclosure: I received this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Like you, at first I thought probiotics is somewhat similar to antibiotics that it may be dangerous for some. But then I asked our family doctor about it. When I realized that it can actually help boost immune system and aids digestion, I tried taking a daily dose of it. Surprisingly, I've decided to continuously take this supplement daily because I really feel and see the difference it makes. My health really improved and I can attest to that.


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