ZeroWater Pitcher - Sponsor Spotlight

Clean water is the most basic building block of healthy living. ZeroWater filtered water pitchers give you clean water the easy way at home. Simply pour tap water into the top of the pitcher reservoir and the patented filter will remove all dissolved solids from your water, giving you clean delicious water. They even include a TDS meter so you can measure the total dissolved solids. I decided to test my water sources. I first tested my tap water and it measured a shocking 569 TDS. I tested the water that comes through the filter in the front of my refrigerator and it measured 512. I put a note on it to let everyone know not to drink that. I also have a filter system installed under my kitchen sink and we just changed filters a few weeks ago. It still measured 18 TDS, which is not good enough for ZeroWater.
I set the pitcher in my sink screwed the filter into the reservoir and set it in the top of the pitcher. I filled it up with tap water a couple times and let it drain through the filter into the pitcher. The pitcher can either be used with the pour spout or the button spout. I tested the water and it measured 0. Impressive. I tasted the clean water and it's absolutely delicious.
It fits perfectly on the top shelf of my fridge, looks very nice, and works perfectly. I think I'll stop buying filters for the other water sources and just use my ZeroWater from now on. You can purchase this 10-cup pitcher, or the 8-cup or 23-cup pitcher at http://www.zerowater.com. You can follow them on Facebook too!
You and your children deserve clean water and good health! ZeroWater is one of my sponsors for the Shake, Rattle, and Roll Giveaway Hop and you could WIN a 10-Cup Pitcher, ARV $34.99. Enter HERE from May 22 through June 5.
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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