Treating Fibroids without Surgery

With 40% of women affected by fibroids, Dr. McLucas wants people to know they have an option to treat fibroids while protecting fertility. Dr. McLucas has pioneered Uterine Fibroid Embolization, where his patients have found permanent relief from debilitating pain. The Los Angeles Fibroid Treatment Center was established by Dr. McLucas, a graduate of Yale Medical School and a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist.

10 Advantages to Embolization:
  • It’s safe. More than 100,000 women have been successfully treated.
  • It’s simple. Most procedures take about half an hour.
  • It’s cost effective. No lengthy hospital stays or the fees that come with them.
  • Symptom relief is immediate. Pain, heavy bleeding, anemia, fatigue will end with embolization.
  • No hospital stay. This is an outpatient treatment.
  • No cutting. With embolization there are no scalpels, sutures or scarring.
  • No ‘going under.’ You won’t be unconscious or exposed to the risks of a general anesthetic.
  • Less downtime. Most patients return to work in a matter of days.
  • No recurrence. Fibroids don’t return, as they often do with surgeries like myomectomy.
  • Keep your fertility. There’s no trauma to, or removal of, the uterus.
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