Testing My-Kap to Reuse Keurig K-Cups

by Phil Busk

I love my Keurig K-Cup machine because it makes a strong cup of coffee fast. Last year, trying to save money, I tried Keurig’s reusable My K Cup.  I was disappointed. Water ran out quickly through the bottom and sides of the cup and I ended up with weak coffee. After that I tried another refill product called My-Kap for K-Cups.

I admired the simplicity of My-Kap.  The way it works is that you washed out a previously used K-cup, fill with ground coffee, and apply the cap. Although some people prefer to replace the used filters I just washed it out with hot water and refilled the used K-cups. I reuse them about 6-7 times before brewing with a new K-cup and then reusing that cup. That way my filters stay fresh and I don’t have to cut and fold filters.

The only real issues I discovered using the My-Kap is, as previously mentioned, k-cups need filters. Cutting and folding them was challenging. Given I rarely use a new filter, it’s not a problem for me.  I know, there are people reading this saying you have to have a new filter. Because I drink the same coffee all the time the reused filter just doesn’t make that big of a difference. People complain grounds escape from the My-Kap and get in the coffeemaker. Yes a few grounds do get in the machine but it just wasn’t a big deal.

After I make my coffee, I dump the grounds on my compost pile and clean the cup. Later I refill 4 to 6 cups at a time. I grind the coffee beans of my choice, add a scoop in the cup, put on the My-Kap, enjoy my choice of coffee, and save money. 

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