South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes - Review

The more we discover about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, the more people try to quit smoking. Being a "reformed" smoker myself, I know how hard it is to quit. Everyone in my family smoked when I was growing up and that nicotine addiction is very strong. One of my family members quit smoking years ago, but stayed addicted to the nicotine gum for years. Another family member stayed addicted to the nicotine mouth mints. South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes are a high-tech SAFE and HEALTHY alternative.
When you puff on a South Beach Smoke, you are not exposing yourself or anyone to tobacco, ash, or carcinogens. You exhale pure water vapor that looks like smoke. It delivers the nicotine to the "smoker" through a single hole in the "filter" cartridge. This is a great way to change that nasty habit into a habit that harms no one!
The electronic cigarette glows red on the tip when you inhale. This kit comes with a recharging station and two different lengths, regular and king size. There is no tar, no ash, no smell, no yellow teeth and no bad breath! Maybe this will be the Father's Day Gift that can help your dad live longer!
I would like to encourage you, if you are a smoker, to give this safe and healthy alternative a try. South Beach Smoke offers a 30 day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty (when purchased directly from South Beach Smoke and when the end user is an active member of the South Beach Smoke Home Delivery Program). You can get a starter kit for just $29.99 (about half the cost of a carton of real smokes) at http://www.southbeachsmoke.com/. If you follow them on Facebook and Twitter, there's even a $25 discount offer on their site right now for sharing with your friends.

Disclosure: I received these products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I wish they would have had this years ago when I quit smoking. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. By the grace of God I haven't smoked in many years.

  2. No e-cigarette can be considered safe unless the source and the quality of the Nicotine used is 100% verifiable. I’ve asked for information about Nicotine quality from many e-liquid suppliers and have never received a reply. I know it’s all Chinese but no one knows the quality of it (or cares it seems) or where or when it was actually manufactured. Incredible.

  3. I agree! This electronic cig idea is amazing! I have a really good friend who smokes and I hate the smell of cigarettes, they make me nauseous and dizzy. I think these should be used more often!


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