Score: Lowe's 1 - Home Depot 0

On Thursday afternoon, I logged onto Home Depot's website, purchased a new dishwasher, selected Saturday as my delivery date, paid for it, and printed my receipt. I was excited at how easy it was. My receipt said I'd get a confirmation via email. It also said I'd get a phone call on Saturday morning, confirming my delivery. We woke up around 10:30 this morning. I'd still not received an email or phone call, so we called Home Depot delivery. The lady on the phone said our delivery date was set for the 31st, which is Thursday. No, our receipt says Saturday the 26th. She says, well the computer system was having trouble verifying the Home Depot payment of my Home Depot credit card, but that it had nothing to do with my account. She said it took five times to get the verification, the last time being this morning, so our delivery date was pushed out to Thursday. I checked my email and their confirmation hit my email just before 9:00 this morning. So, why didn't I receive a phone call on Thursday? Why didn't I receive a  phone call on Friday? I don't want delivery on Thursday, I expected it today since that what my receipt says. Guess what? Home Depot you can cancel my $600 order for a dishwasher.

We called Lowe's. Do you have item number xxxxxx in stock? Not at the Pflugerville store, but there are three in stock at the Hutto store, the next town over? Oh, and it's $100 less there? Wonderful, we'll be there in ten minutes with our truck. Thank you Lowe's, I love my new dishwasher!


  1. Yay! Lisa, my hubs works for Lowes so we are happy with your choice. Will share with him. No place is perfect and people need to remember that no matter where you work you should really make and effort to treat a customer the same way you would want to be treated.

  2. While remodeling our cottage and making decision after decision on big price items like dishwashers, etc. We found the same thing. Lowe's always came through. Also, someone told me that Lowe's caters to the tastes of women and Home Depot to men. Meaning things like patio furniture, lighting, etc. It must be true because I always liked the Lowe's products more. Congrats on getting your dishwasher for $100 less!


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