School's Out Checklist

Now that school is almost out, your children are going to be underfoot all summer long. They will be so excited. You will be filled with dread. They'll play nicely together for about 20 minutes, then fight the rest of the summer. You'll be counting down the days until school begins again. This might be a good time to start gathering up things to keep them busy. Here's a School's Out Checklist that might help you prepare for the next three grueling months of parenting with no break:
  1. Create a craft supplies box. Get a big bin and toss in a new box of crayons, a couple of glue sticks, tons of different kinds of paper, toilet paper rolls, checkbook boxes, old magazines, a bottle of glue, some markers, scissors, and some yarn. Kids of all ages love to create stuff and since few schools offer art classes anymore, summertime is a great time to encourage their creativity. 
  2. Shop pawn shops for cheap video games in great condition. Garage sales are another good place to pick up video games for next to nothing.
  3. Visit the bargain bins at the major discount stores for kids' movies. I've found movies for as little as $1.00 each in the clearance aisle.
  4. Download free kids' games from the internet. There are tons of them out there. You can also get free apps for tablets and phones. Sometimes it's better to keep the kids in separate rooms! Make sure you have new batteries for your mouse and get a new PC battery or HP Laptop Battery so the kids wear out before the games do!
  5. Gather up a bunch of old clothes no one wears anymore and make a dress up box. Throw in old hats, purses, and shoes. A pretend microphone might prompt them to make up their own music videos to perform for you!
  6. If all else fails, make them clean the house for you!

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