Moving Tips and Checklist

Are you moving this spring? This is a great time to buy a house. Interest rates are low and there are lots of homes available at great prices. Maybe you're already packed. Many people find it such a hassle to move and the whole process seems very overwhelming at times. People forget to do lots of little tasks, like turn off their directtv. It's also a time when people realize they have accumulated way too much "stuff" that really never gets used. So here's a moving checklist to help make your move easier.
  1. Take three empty boxes into each room. Mark one with the name of the room (ie. kids' playroom) for stuff you are keeping/moving, mark one with "donate" and mark one "trash". Fill each box. When the trash one is full, go empty it. When the donate one is full, put it in the trunk of your car. When the third box is full, put it in the storage area where you are keeping everything until moving day. Get another donate box and another keep box, then do it again. Do this in each room. Make it a goal to go through at least one room each day. Be sure you keep out some clothing and personal care items. Take the donate boxes to your local second hand store (be sure you get a receipt because you can deduct these items from your tax liability if it's a non-profit).
  2. Make a list of all your utilities that need to be disconnected, including gas, electric, phone, cable tv or direct tv, plus things that need to be cancelled like lawn care services and housekeeping services. As you contact each company with your move date, check them off the list.
  3. Ease up on grocery shopping and make it your goal to use up everything in the pantry and the refrigerator so that you don't have to throw anything out or move anything. You may have to replace things like milk, bread, and juice during your moving period.
  4. Stop by the post office and pick up their moving packet. You can fill out the cards ahead of time to let them know when to forward your mail. You can even request they hold your mail during the transition so you'll have one less thing worry about. 
  5. Keep a spiral notebook by the phone to jot down things that come to mind that you'll need to do during this process too. Often we assume we will remember, but it quickly slips away as we move on to other things. Be sure to contact your insurance companies about the move too.
Hopefully these tips will help make your move go more smoothly. Now go kick back and relax before the dx3 gets shut off. Good luck to you in your new place!

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  1. These are some great tips. I never would have thought of the 3 box idea. This way you can really start preparing for a move enough in advance to make it easier


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