ESaleRugs - Review

ESaleRugs.com helped me transform a teenage boy's room in less than a minute. If you've ever seen the inside of a teenager's bedroom, the mere fact that he vacuumed is an almost-unbelievable miracle.
Make no mistake, I'm certain most of what was on the floor was shoved into that closet or under the bed, but the promise of a new area rug to make his room look different was enough to get him off the computer chair for at least a few minutes.
Notice the shelves are crammed with "stuff" with absolutely no order. Yes, it drives me crazy, but he's almost eighteen years old and I've learned just to shut the door. No telling what's peeking out from under that bed either. Observe also that there is no comforter, no blanket, and no bedspread. Just a top sheet that isn't even tucked in.
Yes, this is truly a teenager's room. Then again, this is probably the last time I will see this room until he goes to college. Thank goodness for the rug from ESaleRugs.com! It might even help protect the carpeting from food and soda stains over the next year.
I love the way it looks in his room and it really does make a huge difference. The colors pull together the blue in his curtain and, ahem, bedding. The room looks warmer and more inviting, well at least until there are dirty clothes strewn across it.
This area rug measures 5x8 which is just perfect for a bedroom. The quality of this discount rug is excellent and will hold up to whatever abuse my teenage son can dish out. It's edged all the way around and finished off well on the bottom. It looks like a very expensive rug, but can be had for a very affordable price!
You can purchase this beautiful area rug (and others) at http://esalerugs.com/.
Disclosure: I received this product as a prize and was not required to write a review.


  1. This rug really made his room more interesting and brighter. I'm glad it also made him clean up

  2. Hmm. I've gotten all my rugs from overstock. Will rememer this. Though I do know about ebags.com....

  3. LOVE your review! First off, bravo for being able to get the room that clean in the first place! Very impressive, especially for a teenage boy! Secondly, I love how the colors of this rug goes so well with his room. You are so right when you said it pulled the colors together.

    Amazing how just one thing can change an entire room!


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