Eggs from Your Own Backyard Chickens

Many families are turning to organic vegetable gardening to provide their family with better food choices. Have you ever considered raising chickens in your own backyard? Imagine walking into your backyard to collect a few fresh eggs for that morning's breakfast! Raising chickens is not just for farmers. Many cities and towns allow for chicken coops on your property. In the past week, I've even seen offers and requests on an online swap board for chicken coops. Maybe you've already decided and just don't know where to get your chickens and supplies. There are chicken coops for sale online and in many hardware stores. You might even be handy enough with a few tools to construct your own.
So where do you get the chickens? There are also chickens for sale online! Or if you prefer, you can get ducks or even pheasants at californiahatchery.com. How easy is that? They offer a huge range of different kinds of poultry or you can even buy hatching eggs from them. They also sell chicken feed and duckling feed. They will safely deliver your purchases through USPS. Maybe you'd just like a couple of ducks for a small pond? You don't have to order the entire flock. They will do a small minimum order of two ducks or three chickens. Their chicken breeds include ameraucana chicken, rhode island red chicken, buff brahma chicken, white rock chicken, barred rock chicken, polish chicken, and black copper maran chicken. Their duck breeds include pekin duckling, runner ducklings, mallard ducklings, and mandarin duck pairs. Start eating fresh eggs from your own backyard!


  1. Oh man, I and my three year old really want chickens but mean ol' hubby said NO! LOL! Maybe next year!

  2. We used to have chickens but something killed them :( I think it was a weasel. Now I just sponge eggs off my Mom. She has a little hobby farm and LOADS of eggs for the taking. They are delish.


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