Easy Curb-Appeal for your Home

The front of your family home says many things about you. Passers-by make assumptions when your paint is peeling, your gutter is hanging, and your numbers are falling off. Even if you're not planning on selling, you might be wondering what you can do to easily spruce up the front of your home. I love the look of container gardening and you can easily buy a nice plant already in a pot. Just set it on your front porch! Another idea that is simple to implement is to change the look of your house numbers. JustAddressPlaques has a wonderful selection of custom address plaques and all you have to do is put it on your house. I especially like the bronze address plaques that hang from a post, like businesses in the old days. Maybe dad would love an elegant address post or personalized mailbox for Father's Day!
JustAddressPlaques offers more than just residential address plaques...there are lots of commercial options as well like building directories and common area signs. Since I run a daycare in my home, it's important to me to keep a pleasant curb-appeal here. We recently changed our address plaque and our neighbors liked it so much they bought the same kind for their home. My husband takes great care of the lawn so our grass is always clean and clipped. I also have an outdoor statue of a darling 12" tall snail in a rock garden right next to the front door, which I think lends a lot of charm. Keeping the rock gardens free of weeds and wandering grasses is sometimes time-consuming but it's worth it because it all adds to the curb-appeal. Do you have any ideas for a quick and easy update to the front of your home?

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  1. This is really attractive Lisa. I'd like something like this for our place.