Budgeting With Small Children

Raising children seems to become more expensive every year. With the increase in marketing targeted towards children through television and internet, parents are constantly bombarded with requests from their children for nearly everything under the sun. The economy keeps tightening, causing families to do the same to their budgets. As a parent, I always wanted to provide my children with the things they wanted (within reason, of course) but for many years that was just not possible. For about four years, I was a single mom with two kids and I discovered many tips along the way. First I made the commitment to myself that I would not buy any toy that was not already on sale or discounted in some way. The Sunday newspaper ads were a good source of sales. I often found hasbro toy coupons in the coupon section of the paper. Browsing the internet was a good source of coupon codes and discounts as well. There are websites that provide coupon codes for many different kinds of stores, sometimes even sorted by location. I always looked for hasbro toy coupons because I could always trust their quality. When I couldn't find hasbro toy coupons, I would search the classifieds sections of local papers online for secondhand toys in good condition. Garage sales are another great place to pick up toys for less money. Here in my town there is also an online group that recycles toys and other household items by giving them away to other group members. My youngest child is now about to turn 18 years old and I think the most important budgeting lesson I learned about children is that they need to hear the word "no" more often anyways.


  1. And then there's always college. Try to pay for 2 kids in college when most private colleges are $60K a year now and there is less and less money available to help pay for a college education. I've always been a coupon clipping mom who looked for the best deals; too bad there aren't coupons for kids' education.

    1. You are so right. Our daughter just graduated from college and we'll be paying off those loans for years! Then my two boys will start college in Fall of 2013. We're in trouble!


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