Book Review: Celebrating Beginnings and Endings by Paula Pugh

As mothers, it is generally our responsibility to create and maintain traditions for our families. Celebrating Beginnings and Endings by Paula Pugh is a book that teaches us to unplug from all the electronics in our busy lives and focus on the people and events that happen. Milestones, she says, happen all the time. We can either celebrate them, or let them pass by without much thought. Yet, creating wonderful memories is one of the best ways we can leave our imprint on our children, our families, and our world. Paula's creative ideas show us ways to connect with others in new ways, celebrating and honoring the many beginnings, transitions, and endings in our lives. Many of her ideas cost little to no money, but leave a big heart-print. I really loved reading through this book and have marked many of the ideas. Instead of stressing over all the things I could (and should) have done, I'm planning for all the new celebrations. I spoke with Paula and she shared with me a personal story that I want to pass onto you. A wonderful book and a valuable resource!
"I was thinking about December when my grand daughter turned 5. In the fall she had been at a book event at our house where I talked about the birthday bowl celebration. She remembered that and wanted one for her birthday. This little celebration is cheap, easy, significant and can be adapted for many occasions. You fill a deep sided dish/bowl with rice or sand or pebbles, whatever you have handy. You do have to buy some candles; larger than the little birthday candles and smaller than big tapers work the best. Each person at the event has an unlighted candle. The birthday person lights his/her candle and puts it in the middle of the bowl. Each person is invited to light their candle from the middle candle and give the birthday person a wish, tell them why they love her, why they appreciate him, tell a story or just light the candle and say happy birthday. When the ceremony is done, the bowl is filled with light and love. I think that we all want to be valued and told that we are loved and appreciated. Children can learn by us adults modeling this for them and they can start at a young to do this for themselves." - Paula

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