Kool Rider Review

Okay, raise your hand if you stuck baseball cards to your bike wheels to make a clickity-clack sound. How about a crunched up aluminum can? Kool Rider can make your kids' bikes sound like a speeding motorbike!
This sturdy CuPont polymer clip can be customized with the included stickers. Place the velcro strip on the bike, place the clip on the velcro with the flaps against the wheel spokes and as easy as that, you can be a Kool Rider too!
The clip has the reverse side of velcro inside so the clip won't slip, slide, or fall off. It will last for hundreds (maybe even thousands) of miles. Even Texas heat and Minnesota cold won't affect it's performance. Plus they are made in the USA. The company even employs developmentally disabled adults to help with assembling and packaging. Go America!
There are tons of kids on our street and I know they're all going to want a Kool Rider or two after they see my son riding his bike with it. Since he's older, whatever he does, they want to do. For less than ten bucks, your kids can transform their bikes too. Get them out of the house to have some fun in the sun.
Want to see and hear it in action? Click HERE for a video and feel free to subscribe. You can buy yours HERE, and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, because they're in the process of making some for children under 6, plus cool new major league sports stickers for customizing.

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