Childhood's Precious Memories

Yesterday, I heard children's squeals of delight and shouts of laughter, so I went out back to see what was so much fun. Over the fence I saw three little girls and two little boys in their bathing suits, running through the sprinkler. It really made me smile because those simple memories are so precious and I can remember doing the same thing with my sisters. I heard one of them exclaim, "Look, it's getting muddy!" followed by the obvious shout of another child, "Let's make mudpies!"

I thought to myself, childhood really hasn't changed much in the past forty years. Even with all the material possessions, all the technological advancements, all the political turmoil, and all the wars across the world, children still see the world through innocent and precious eyes, enjoying life in that very moment, experiencing joy in just the things that exist in nature around them.

As I'm beaming with nostalgia, I heard the back door to their house slam open, and out comes an adult male, yelling, "What are you doing? Get that mud off you! What's the matter with you?" and slammed back into the house. I sighed with deep disappointment because those children were robbed of a beautiful memory.

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  1. So true and sometimes adults just need to take themselves less serious and explore the inner child and remember when they were young.


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