Easter Gifts That Last All Year

Give your young children the gift of learning to love to read this Easter! Books are so important even to the youngest children. Having age-appropriate children's books is important and Parragon Books has created a wonderful new line of Little Learners titles that would be a perfect addition to your child's Easter basket.
Your baby needs to start with soft cloth books. Cuddling, holding and tasting come easy to your baby, so their first books should be something they can "love on" without limitations. A combination of slippery fabric and soft fuzzy fabric provide baby with sensory exploration and the satin ribbon around the edge is safe for chewing.
Each page is padded and the simple story rhymes, providing baby with a loving little story that teaches about love. Listening to adults read is an important part of baby learning to talk.
As baby grows into a toddler, they learn to throw things! It's their favorite game...toddler throws, mom picks up...only mom gets tired of the game much faster. Parragon Books Little Learners came up with the ingenious idea of stroller books.
Both books come with a soft strap that wraps around the stroller to keep the books nearby for your toddler and secure so they aren't tossed or lost. Darling illustrations and soft colors help toddlers learn numbers and colors.
A secure velcro tab means mom can move them from the stroller to the swing, to the restaurant high chair, to the carseat, and even to the diaper bag straps. An impromptu story reading can help to refocus a fussy youngster when mom is standing in the checkout line! 
This chunky shaped Yum Yum book is perfect for toddlers' hands. Featuring favorites from the kitchen, the book helps teach first words. The thick foam pages are covered with a coated cardstock to hold up to busy little hands.
The single word on each page helps young children begin to understand that every object has a name. As your toddler grows you can help teach letter recognition by pointing out the first letter of each word and saying something like "p is for plate." 
Physical interaction with books at a young age is very important, but not more important than safety. By purchasing books that are appropriate for your baby's age, such as board books with rounded corners, you can be assured that baby won't poke her own eye or get a paper cut.
I fondly remember touch books from when I was young. Parragon's Little Learners Touch and Feel Animals book is full of textures. I love the descriptive language used throughout the book that extends a toddler's vocabulary.
The animals sweet faces and furry bodies draw a child into the story and encourage them to explore with their tiny fingers. These books are all very well constructed and will stand up to many readings.
Their finger puppet This Little Piggy book takes interaction to a whole new level. This classic nursery rhyme is chanted to babies of all ages and Parragon has provided a fresh new look with a piggy whose face can be animated by parent or child through a hole in the back of the book.
The peekaboo piggy face pokes through each page of the story, and his fuzzy cheerful face is sure to delight young boys and girls. This one will be a favorite!
The cleverly designed I Feel Happy toddler book has big sturdy tabs that pull out of the pages, to teach your toddler about feelings and the concepts of opposites. Teaching children about how to recognize and talk about their emotions helps them develop better social skills.
Learning to express how they feel about the world around them is an important step in learning how to relate to and understand other people's feelings. Books are a wonderful way to teach young children so many different concepts and ideas, while teaching them in "baby steps" how to care for books.
Instead of filling up their Easter basket with candy, fill it up with beloved books that will be adored all year long. Fill their heads with wonderful stories and fill their hearts by spending time snuggling and reading together. You can find these beautiful, high-quality infant and toddler books at the links below, as well as other Little Learners titles from Parragon!

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  1. Cute! I used to always give Easter books in their baskets and we still have them all those years later!