DiaperPods Review

The makers of DiaperPods know that sometimes changing your child's diaper is messy. When you're out and about, running errands and toting a toddler, it can be even messier. Taking a cue from the kangaroo who keeps important things in her pocket, DiaperPods has created the diaper with the built-in disposal bag!
On the back of the diaper, there is a tiny little pod, or pouch, that contains a little plastic bag that is convenient, sanitary and odor-containing. It is safely out of reach of baby.
You can pull out the little bag while the diaper is still on baby, or you can roll up the diaper with all the yucky stuff inside, and then pull out the bag. It's versatile depending on the situation and your needs.
As a home daycare provider who changes diapers on a regular basis, I think this is an absolutely fabulous idea. You can help get DiaperPods on the shelf at Walmart by voting here:
You can get more information at http://www.diaperpods.com/ and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully this technology will soon be coming to a diaper near you!

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