Perky-Pet Country Style Bird Feeder Review

I am so excited! The warm weather has brought dozens of little birds out and they've finally discovered that I've put out birdseed. I fell in love with this darling little barn-style feeder from PerkyPet.com with the adorable weathervane on the top. It's called the Perky-Pet Squirrel Be Gone II Country Style Wild Bird Feeder (say that three times really fast!).
The weathervane on top is actually the locking mechanism that secures the roof to the feeder. What a novel idea! It took me a minute to figure out how to twist the vane to lift the lid, but I'm not really good at reading directions first. The tin roof is simply charming.
I poured in a bag of wild bird seed and it filled up about half the feeder. I noticed a little post inside the feeder and realized this can be post mounted or hung. My plan was to hang it near the darling little chapel birdfeeder I already have on my fence.
The seed feeds out through four front slots and the double perch is actually the squirrel-proof mechanism. The birds are so lightweight that they put no pressure on the perch and they can use it to rest and snack. A squirrel weight is enough to press the perch downward, covering up the front slots with the top bar that sits above the slots. How smart is that?
I totally love the weathervane on top. Perky-Pet makes feeders with so much personality. I have never seen more creativity in a bird feeder. Their feeders are also very affordably priced and they also have a free shipping offer you should check out.
The hanger on this feeder is a metal bar that spans across the top and hooks into both sides of the feeder. It's very sturdy but it is also easily removable if you want to pole mount this feeder. The windows and door are covered so that the birds can see the buffet waiting for them.
I wish I had a huge lot of trees here, but I do have a very nice wood fence where I can hang this feeder. My husband put a large c-hook in the fence that was long enough to reach out to the center of the feeder so that it hangs properly. This fence is also directly outside my home daycare windows, so the kids have been squealing with delight at all the birds visiting us this week.
The good thing about this spot in my yard is that it's almost always in the shade, so even in the hot Texas summer heat, the metal on my newest bird feeder won't burn the little birdies' feet. I'm so pleased with the "little town feeling" that my two Perky-Pet bird feeders provide sitting side by side. A month after hanging the first one, it is still in excellent condition. The quality and charm of these feeders makes me smile every time I look out the window!
You can find Perky-Pet online, and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!
Disclosure: I received these products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.


  1. My birds are not that picky. They eat anything I toss out on the ground. They love dry cat food too. The feeders are cool though.

  2. that is so cute! I love having the birds in the back yard. I have small feeders there now, for thistle. I'll be looking this new one up! very nice.

  3. Does it have to be hung against a fence? I tried hanging it from a tree and it just tilts forward.

    1. It should hang properly from a tree. You might want to call their customer service number.