Make Everything Taste Like BACON - Review

Since I'm on a weight loss diet, bacon is no longer my friend. Let me just say...I. LOVE. BACON. But I also love losing weight, so I gave it up. Well, I'm so excited about J&D's Hickory Bacon Salt, I could just scream! Now I can make everything taste like bacon!
This is a veggie garden omelet from my weight loss program foods. They make great omelets with chopped up veggies and lowfat cheeses. But it looks a tad boring, right? Now I can have this:
Bacon Salt is made from SEA SALT so it's low sodium, only 136 mg per serving, plus it has zero calories. Now my omelet tastes like bacon! I can have bacon for breakfast again.
Cheesy Homestyle Potatoes are so good! I just had to try them with J&D's Hickory Bacon Salt. I made myself a salad to go with my potatoes and thought, hey, bacon bits are great in salad too. I can't have those either, but I can have Bacon Salt!
With zero total fat, zero trans fat, zero saturated fat, and zero sugars, I can turn my entire lunch into a bacon buffet that looks like this:
Talk about a heavenly lunch! Bacon Salt tastes just like bacon and my taste buds are happily thinking I'm scarfing down huge amounts of bacon, but my waistline is still shrinking. Did I mention zero carbs?
Dinnertime and the Bacon Salt comes back out. This time I'm spicing up my meatload and mashed potatoes. Can you believe I've lost 18 pounds in three months eating like this?
After heating up my dinner, I cut the meatloaf into bite sized pieces and stirred the meatloaf and sauce into the mashed potatoes. Then I gave it the bacon makeover. Psst...J&D's Bacon Salt is also kosher and vegetarian!
Now I've heard of bacon ice cream but I'm a bit wary to try it. Instead, I decided I needed to try it as an ingredient in a meal. So I cooked up a Healthy Pepperoni Bacon Quesadilla (recipe HERE) and this amazing bacon flavored seasoning is just as good IN food as it is ON food! Watching your cholesterol? Bacon Salt has less than 5g so you're good there too.
Then just for fun, I made a Healthy Veggie Pizza (recipe HERE) for my vegetarian readers. I know, some vegans don't use cheese, but there's a veggie cheese out there you could substitute in this recipe. Bacon Salt on top is just as good as Bacon Salt inside. Check out www.AlwaysFits.com for more information and to find whimsical gifts that will always fit!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. Oh this sounds so good! I love the taste of bacon.


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