Game Day Quesadilla #Recipes with Nostalgia Electrics

My family eats quesadillas all the time. My husband admitted when he makes them on a frying pan, he uses way too much butter. My kids tend to just throw some cheese on a tortilla and microwave it. We need fast, easy and healthy options in this house and Nostalgia Electrics has the answer - the Quesadilla Fiesta! It takes just minutes to heat up your recipe and even indents the tortilla for easier cutting.
It has nonstick coating, so no butter is needed. I sprayed a bit of oil spray on a paper towel and rubbed it all over, as suggested in the manual, and I plugged it in to preheat it. I decided to create some new Game Day Quesadilla Recipes!
Healthy Pepperoni Bacon Quesadilla - Place one tortilla flat on the plate, then add a thin layer of low-fat shredded four cheese shredded cheese. Take six slices of turkey pepperoni and slice into strips, scatter over cheese. Add some low sodium bacon salt, then another thin layer of shredded cheese. Top with second tortilla.
Place tortilla stack into the preheated Quesadilla Fiesta, and close the lid. There is a drip pan under the front of it in case your cheese runs. There are two locking positions for the lid so you can securely close it no matter how much stuff you like on your quesadilla. The lid can get hot, so it's a good idea to use an oven mitt or potholder. The directions for the Quesadilla Fiesta say to heat your creation from 3-7 minutes depending on fillings.
I guess I misjudged on my first one. I left it on too long and it became too crispy, but I topped it off with some cilantro salsa and it was delicious. The Quesadilla Fiesta is designed for up to 8 inch tortillas, but I think mine are only 6 inches in diameter.
Healthy Chicken Mozzarella Quesadilla - Place one tortilla flat on your plate. Slice nonfat or lowfat mozzarella cheese into small pieces and place on tortilla. Slice up fully cooked chicken, breaded or grilled, and mix pieces throughout the cheese. Top with second tortilla, place in Quesadilla Fiesta for four minutes. Top with cilantro salsa.
I used a leftover chicken patty that was in my fridge. I cut to very small slivers of chicken from it, then sliced them into smaller pieces. Even though it is breaded chicken, it is only about an ounce of meat.
This quesadilla was much thicker than my first one and I needed to press down a bit on the lid to get it to latch. I learned that the lid can get hot, so use an oven mitt if you need to apply any pressure. I probably used a bit too much cheese. I wondered how easily it would clean up.
Be sure to use a wooden or plastic spatula to remove your quesadillas because you don't want to scratch the nonstick coating. My quesadillas came off easily and didn't stick at all. I took a paper towel and wet it down, then squeezed the water out of it. I rubbed it lightly and quickly over the surface of the Quesadilla Fiesta to remove stuck on cheese and it cleaned off completely and immediately.
This quesadilla heated perfectly. It was so delicious! I love the way the indents also move the larger ingredients over just enough so that when I cut it nothing squishes out of my tortillas. I was starting to get full, but I had just two more tortillas, so I went for a third recipe.
Healthy Veggie Quesadilla - Place a tortilla on the plate, then sprinkle with a layer of lowfat cheddar cheese. Slice a grape tomato or two into thin slices and place on cheese. Then add sliced black olives and put the second tortilla on top. Place into the Quesadilla Fiesta for three and a half minutes. Before cutting sprinkle some more cheese on the warmed quesadilla so that it melts into the top, shake a bit of low sodium bacon salt on top, then slice into six pieces. Top with salsa and enjoy!
This quesadilla also came out perfectly. I couldn't finish it...I was too full. Luckily for me, my teenage son arrived home from school and finished it. He also said it was really good and asked if we had more tortillas. I guess I better hit the grocery store because my family will be using our Quesadilla Fiesta all the time! We will be enjoying the big game with these healthy quesadillas instead of all those heavy, fatty, junk foods!
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.


  1. love ours although my teen daughter tends to eat too many of these LOL

  2. My teenage son asked for one of these a few years ago for Christmas. He loves it. He can make his own lunch and the cleaning up is easy (we're still working on the cleaning up after himself part!) We've even made them with apple pie filling and cinnamon on top.

  3. It looks soooooo delicious!!!


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