Yum Yum and Smart Resolutions for your Diet

If you're a long time reader of my blog, you might remember one of my earlier posts about Yum Yum Dishes. If not, you can see it here. Since last May when I reviewed the Yum Yum Dish, the company has continued to grow and even add some great new products to the line!
The Yum Yum Dish was created by one very smart mom (Tracy Adler) who figured out a way to consciously control her portions of snacks. I mean, who among us has never eaten half a bag of chips before realizing it? I know I've done it. Having the Yum Yum Dish keeps me from mindlessly snacking. It's a great portion control device! It now comes with a plastic lid so you can take your snacks to work, pack them in your children's lunches, or even keep a tiny chocolate stash in your nightstand drawer.
The Yum Yum Dish comes in a set of four, one each of blue, red, green and yellow. There is even encouragement to stop snacking because "Yum yum time is over" is printed on the bottom of every dish. It's a great concept and mine has been a family favorite ever since we got it. Now onto the big announcement...There is now a Yum Yum 9Plate!
Typical plates are 11 to 13 inches, but these 9 inch plates help you focus on eating the proper portions of food. Look closely at the above photo and you can see that the plate is sectioned off to help you concentrate on eating the recommended portions...half a plate of veggies, a quarter plate of carbs, and a quarter plate of protein. The 9Plate also comes as a set of four in the same bright colors as the Yum Yum Dish. You can buy them online at http://www.yumyumdish.com/. I love their Snack Ideas section too. Be sure to link up on Facebook and Twitter too so you can be notified of special sales and new products!

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  1. What a great, both motivational and reminding, concept! I've certainly needed reminders upon occasion! Thanks for the introduction :)

  2. I really love these things and my uncle lost weight once and carried his own plate to restaurants and had them put his food on it. LOL
    It worked


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