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Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

My husband just got the head soccer coaching job at the high school where he works. He played soccer in college and has been coaching the junior varsity team for four years, but his dream has always been to be a head varsity coach. The school where he coaches has a great amount of parent support and a great booster club. The only thing that surprised him about the new coaching position is that the booster club asked him to head up a website for the team. It is a good thing we recently got wild blue satellite internet, because otherwise he would not be able to update the website from home. There are a few soccer parents who are really good with computers and websites who have offered to help my husband with the website. That is probably a good thing because he is not very familiar with building a website. I told my husband that I would be glad to take pictures of the team throughout the year and post them on the website, but he said they already have a parent who is the team photographer. Hopefully he can get the website up and running soon.

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