Restaurant Review: Longhorn Steakhouse

Tonight I took my gift card and my husband to Longhorn Steakhouse in Round Rock, Texas. It is a new place to me so I was anxious to try it out. We were told it was a five minute wait for a table, but as soon as we settled into the waiting bench it was our call. We were led to a cozy booth between an older couple and a young family with a toddler who was "coloring" on an iPad (my how things have changed). The older couple apparently had an issue with the food and he got his meal free. The young family apparently had an issue with their steak being overcooked and they got that meal free. I wondered -- are people just so cheap nowadays that they have to rip off restaurants to have a good meal?

The menu offered several items in their "under 500 calories" section which absolutely thrilled me since I'm on Nutrisystem. I ordered a Flo's Steak 7oz. medium, with a salad and seasonal veggies, plus water with a lemon. Johnny ordered a steak, shrimp, baked potato, and salad, delivered with a vat of fattening butter that's just not healthy for a man who's had heart attacks, but he made excuses that it's just a few times a year he does this. I laughed it off and even though I still worry, I know I have to let him make his own decisions. My salad was delicious with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. I picked out the croutons because I try to avoid excess carbs, but I tasted one tiny one...delicious. The salad was great. We also got a tiny loaf of bread with butter. I tasted one slice of the honey wheat bread with no butter and Johnny loaded up and finished the rest. Nice, warm bread is a perfect free appetizer.

When my meal arrived, I cut a piece of steak first. I nearly melted into the booth bench. Absolutely delicious. Ginny, our server, was cheerful, sweet, and prompt. Johnny's meal looked delicious but since I've lost 16 pounds and 10.5 inches, I'm on a mission to eat healthy and lose more! As the tables around me complained, I melted with happiness over my amazing steak. Johnny and I were both very impressed with both the atmosphere of the restaurant and the food. The service was also fabulous. My gift card was $50, a Christmas gift from a sweet daycare family, and the bill came to $49.75. A ten dollar bill for a tip, a compliment to the manager Jenna, and a full stomach and we were outta there. Five stars to the restaurant, who not only handled the whiners appropriately, but for a fantastic meal all around for me and my husband!


  1. Longhorns is my FAVORITE restaurant :)

    Clarissa D

  2. I Love this resturant as does my whole family. I am so happy they took care of the unhappy couple as it shows they care. What a nice present to recieve and congrats on staying on track with the weight loss.


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