Book Review - The Perfect Photo by Tobias Hagberg and Elin Rantakrans; O'Reilly Media

Since I've started blogging, I've found many occasions to take photos. My trusty digital camera that I've had for about ten years seems to produce the best shots for me, inside and out. I was glad to find The Perfect Photo: 71 Tips from the Top by Tobias Hagberg and Elin Rantakrans, as I'm always looking for ways to better my photography. The book came as a download ebook from oreillynet.com.
It seems to be written in a language for novice photographers and I was able to understand most of it. Once they began talking about shutter speeds, I was a bit lost since I love my auto-everything camera. I did get a lot of really great tips that I can use. The chapter on capturing the best light was very helpful to me because I've often wondered why some of my outdoor shots are better than others. I loved the chapter on using composition to enhance photos and really enjoyed the photography throughout the book. There are tips on photographing animals and humans, as well as landscape shots and movement shots (one I've always found challenging).

Overall, this is a great book for someone with my level of photo knowledge. I found many tips that will be helpful to me as I learn and grow with my camera. Some day I may even be brave enough to use a camera that isn't automatic, but for now The Perfect Photo is relative. I give it four stars! Disclosure: I received this ebook at no charge in exchange for my honest review. 

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  1. This sounds like the perfect book. I need to read this to sharpen my photo skills.