Working on my Bucket List

I've been working on my Bucket List lately. I'm finding that it's really therapeutic to dream about things I want to do and see before my life is over. I think it would be amazing to travel to every state in the US. I'd love to take a trip to all fifty states, take photos all along the way, and blog the entire journey. I'd love to stand among the towering trees in the Redwood Forest in California. I'd love to see an erupting volcano on the Big Island in Hawaii. I want to see Mount Rushmore, Ellis Island and Niagara Falls. I want to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in person, after having watched it on television for over 40 years. I'd love to helicopter over the Grand Canyon, and have a picnic on a lookout point. I want to learn to ride a surfboard and swim with dolphins. I want to hike up a mountain and learn to ski.

Travel accommodations would vary as I traveled, from a tiny bed and breakfast in Arkansas to a cozy log cabin in Montana to deluxe disney hotels in Florida. Oh, that reminds me, I want to see Disney World too! I've never been there, although I did go to DisneyLand in California. I've seen television commercials for deluxe disney hotels right next to Animal Kingdom and Epcot Center. I once used an online map to find satellite photos of the area and the resorts are just gorgeous! My sister has taken her family to Disney World a couple times and I know they stayed in the deluxe disney hotels but I'm not sure which ones. She travels a lot with her family. Our family vacations have mostly been trips to see family.

I've won a couple of vacation package trips in sweepstakes, but they weren't for the whole family. Johnny and I have traveled together to a couple places, but there is just so much to see in the US. I think it's awesome that we can just drive right across state lines and visit a whole new place. You can't do that while going around the world. You have to mess with passports, visas, foreign languages and money exchanges. Right here in the USA, there is enough to see and do to fill an entire bucket list!

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