Trust Norton for Small Business Security

This post brought to you by Norton Small Business by Symantec. All opinions are 100% mine.
There is no name I trust more with my computer security than Norton. I personally have owned Norton 360 for my home computers for years. My daycare is a small business, employing just one person, but when my computer crashed it was nearly devastating. Because of the nature of my business with a regular monthly tuition income, I was fortunately able to recreate my income records for that year. I cannot image what I would do if I lost records for a business much more complicated than mine! What would you do if you lost all your data?
Every small business needs to be aware of the dangers that lurk in cyberspace. An entire year of bookkeeping could be wiped out in a single second if the computer user accidentally downloads malware. Did you know that 59 percent of small business owners admitting to doing that in the past three years? Of those, 51 percent had to pay someone else to take care of the problem for them! Luckily my husband knows computers, but even he was unable to bring back the data that was lost. Norton Small Business by Symantec is designed for small businesses, even with up to 10 users on a network! Norton is ranked number one in internet security so you know your computers are protected from online threats.
Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security 2012 both launched just this past September, with all the updated features you'll need. Which Norton product would work best for you? Leave a comment below telling me which one would benefit you most and why! 2012 Norton Small Business products now available for 30% off so give yourself the gift of peace of mind this Christmas. With automatic backup and 24/7 internet security that won't slow your computer speed, your home office or small business data stays safe, so you can focus on what matters most to you.
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