Crystal Lotus Candleholder

This is definitely one of my all-time favorite candleholders. Made of cut crystal, it glitters and reflects the candlelight in a beautiful and mysterious way. The lotus flower shape is universally pleasing and the clear crystal tends to take on the colors of whatever is nearby. I love crystal because it looks so elegant and delicate, but feels solid and heavy in your hand. Mine arrived packaged very well in this box filled with foam, taped up, wrapped with more paper, and placed in another shipping box.
This tealight candleholder is no tiny decoration. A full six inches across and three inches tall, it immediately draws attention and looks especially glittery in dimmed lighting. Each crystal used to form the lotus flower is multi-faceted to magnify the light.
One of the best things about crystal is that it is appropriate for every season and with a few simple changes, such as a different color candle, a ribbon, a placemat, a mirrored plate, it's a whole new look. A green tealight and bow turn it into an Easter decoration or a Christmas decoration. It is a perfect gift item!
With a peach colored candle, it becomes a harvest decoration. A tiny plastic spider added to the edge of one of the crystals would make a cute Halloween candle. This amazing candleholder is handcrafted in Turkey.
A white candle and a white doily tablecover, plus a Christmas book, makes the perfect focal point on a coffee table. Simple and beautiful Christmas decor. I'm so pleased with it and I'll definitely be finding uses for it year round. I love stretching my dollars by using home decor that spans several seasons!
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